Is it possible to view/copy videos watched from Brave browser?

On linux, we are given the folder cache

but I could not find any videos as far as I digged. Do you have the exact location? or maybe additional information as per the file format?

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this has no direct answer cause many factor
it was the easy in old days when all video depend on flash blugin so it was easy to locate the file and save it but after transferring to html5 it’s not easy and most of the time you can not but there some extension and even website that you can send them link let us say from youtube or twitter or fb and it will do the hard work for you then you download the file and it give you the option to select the quality of the videos

and ofcourse some site offer both view and download the video

so try to search for which way is suite your case

hope it help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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