Saved playlist content downloads again

Brave Version 1.46.2 ( on ios 16.0.3. Before the latest version I would save content for later and it would be fine. Now videos saved in my playlist will download again when selected, and half the time when auto played. What is the sense in saving videos if this happens? This is eating a lot of data!

Hello there @Inquire_sen, thank you for reaching us out. Have you tried deleting your cookies and cache recently? Could you please describe what is the behavior once you open your playlist or if you are getting any error so we can further investigate.

Thanks in advance.

@Jarc-1107 I just deleted all cache, cookies, web, etc. The videos were not cleared after performing this action, so I manually deleted them. One video cannot be removed from the list, but that is a separate issue, as it’s been there quite a while. I just downloaded two videos from two separate websites as a test. I let them complete, and then closed the playlist. After I reopened and clicked on one, it started to download the file all over again. I know this was fine a few updates ago, so I’m not sure what changed

@Inquire_sen I’m assuming likely issue that was talked on other topic. If so, answer is:

I saw that, but he said it didn’t affect his ios devices. Probably helps that I also posted

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Agreed, otherwise I’d have merged the topics or whatever. Just wanted to point it out though as possibly is related.

Just fyi, currently is weekend so unlikely to get any responses from Brave for the next few days.

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I’m having the same issues recently, guess it came with the last few updates. Same version 1.46.2 ( ios 16.0.2 so I guess this isn’t an iOS problem, but rather came with the last update.

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