Where are session store files stored?



Edit: The first answer answers a totally different question. I’ve reformatted the question to avoid this confusion.

Question I’d like answered:
Where are session store files stored?
Yes I did search the internet and my own PC for this location.

Questions I already have the answer to:
How to configure automatic session restore?
How to manually restore a session from backup?

The rigid standard set of questions makes sense for the issue that makes manual session restore necessary. So I’ll answer these questions for that issue. Even though this issue has been described elsewhere.

Description of the issue:
Brave dumps my session and starts a new one. Therefore the automatic session restore doesn’t work.
I know how to restore the session backup manually, but I don’t know where the session store files are located on disk.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Exit Brave or Windows crashes, I’m not sure.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
My session is dumped and therefore Braved doesn’t work as configured.

Expected result:
My session is stored and the feature works as configured.

Reproduces how often:
Extremely rare, maybe only once a year.

Additional Information:
I already have Brave configured to automatically restore the previous session. This question exists precisely because this feature is unreliable. Sometimes Brave decides to dump my session and start a now one. In which case manual restore is the only way to continue the old session.

This unreliability is the reason I cannot recommend Brave to anyone else or use it as my primary browser. I use Chrome and Firefox. Which is why I haven’t started Brave in weeks. I’ll only start it after I’ve restored the old session because otherwise it’ll probably override the backup file, in which case the data is lost permanently.


Hello @WouterVos, I always encourage the use of the search on this forum. It contains a lot of useful information

If I understand your question these options in settings may give you the desired behavior.
Settings–> OnStartup


Yea I could not find an answer to this question with the search function.
I already have these settings configured, the problem is it crashes and starts a new session, meaning I lose all my tabs.
I’ll specify in the question I already have this configuration.

I specifically noted that I already know what you just told me and even know how to do it manually:

The problem is I don’t know where the session store files are located on disk.


@kbounds56 Not only did you totally not answer the question, your reply makes it look like the question in this thread has been answered. Please delete it, I’ll delete my reply to yours as well. I’d like to congratulate you on Brave never having lost your session. Good for you, I wish Brave worked so well for me too.


@WouterVos, don’t be so glum!

Perhaps I’m a little confused by the issue you’re having. Not the problem itself - you’re saying that sometimes Brave (although I don’t know which build or version which would be helpful - that’s why we have the “rigid” set of questions) loses your session so your tabs, windows, etc are all lost.
I think I’m being thrown off by:

I’m sure that one time is/was really annoying but to say that this feature in Brave is “unreliable” is a gross overstatement.
If the issue happens once a year, that means that the browser functions as intended 99.7% of the time. If those aren’t reliable numbers then I don’t know what is.

If you’re still concerned about this, on Windows you can find Session files in


Yes bugs that prevent me from using software really do annoy me, even if they occur very rarely.
The manual restore process isn’t reliable either, turns out no session-store has been backed up.
So now I have to create backups of this file on a regular basis to use Brave.
Sorry, that’s not good enough. I’m done, will stop using Brave until this bug is fixed.
Continuing the previous session is an essential feature for me.


One time early this year, the browser froze and crashed on me. The build was stable and there were no other crashes being reported at that time. Nobody could reproduce it, myself included.

It’s been about a year now and I haven’t encountered a crash like that since then.

Should I stop using the browser and label it as “unreliable” because of the crash I experienced one time this year? If so, I don’t think I’ll be able to browse the internet. I’ve had Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, and Safari crash, break, close, lose settings, and a host of other issues within this last year happen exactly once as far as I can recall.

I understand your concern, but if you’re expecting absolute perfection from any software and dropping it if it doesn’t meet that standard, you’re going to run out of software to use. Bugs happen, things crash, stuff breaks. We work very hard to fix these things as quickly as possible. But a “bug” that happens once ~1/365 days (and who knows how many more hours of actual browsing) with no other information is not going to get prioritized in any way.

tl;dr - Goodbye for now! Hope to see you again!

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