Bookmarks syncing multiple times when opened on different computers

I’m having an issue in that when I open Brave on a computer and then open it on a different computer that’s synced, it then loads in a duplicate of my bookmarks. If I open Brave on a third computer, it will add a third addition of bookmarks. Sometimes, they’re not even updated correctly, other times the folder is blank but it’ll try to load the same set of bookmarks and it’s frustrating because it’s hard to know what’s the original folder and what’s a mess up.

Hey @EnterTheHero what OS are you on? I’ve known with Brave sometimes has an issue with shutting down properly in the Nightly/Dev releases from a month or so ago where the Browser will make copies of older or moved bookmarks, but only in Windows to my knowledge. Will post some relevant articles in a few minutes when I refind them.


Windows 10 is the one that messes up the most, but I have had it happen on Lunix as well (Zorin build). Several months ago I had an issue between Android and Windows in which my phone was screwing up all my bookmarks. I just started a new sync chain and already its bringing back a deleted bookmark from a month ago. At least its not populating over and over, but it’s such a pain to make a new sync chain every time this happens.


Will find more shortly if these don’t help,
Hope they do.


I actually have the same issue with latest versions of macOS & iOS. Two mac computers and one iPhone synced, and for some reason some - not all - bookmarks is synced twice. Really frustrating! Additionally, some bookmarks isn’t synced at all. This is a MESS.
Brave browser is amazing in so many ways, but when such an important functionality is male-functional to the extent it is, it’s tempting to return to the old browser.

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