When will we be able to add icons on Brave New Tab Page?

I have been using Microsoft Edge for a long time now, recently I saw Brave’s ad on YouTube and tried it. Brave turns out to be nearly the perfect browser its extremely fast, its very secure and has an extremely secure tor Private mode and also blocks all the ads! I want to switch to the Brave Browser but the only thing that is stopping me is lack of custom icons and Background on Home Page(New Tab Page). I recently read an article which told it is coming in future updates, Does anyone know when will it come or have any idea like by which year it will come?

Lack of Icon Modification, what do you mean by the .Faviicon of the Website?

The issue of the Funds is being raised at the moment, those that are by the Sponsors are maintained, since you can generate income by viewing wallpapers, but it is not a bad idea to be able to modify your own background to your liking, and to be able to update your own desktop .

Being able to add and delete add-ons among others.

Currently the team is working on improving the Browser, although you may not believe it every day they are doing it, in order to provide the best internet browsing service, and every day more adding features that no other has.

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