When I search something from address bar there are no any suggestion

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Description of the issue: whenever I search anything in address bar for browse some topics, I only get suggestion of that sites which I only used before.
But I want that sites which are related to my browsing topics.
Wait I give you an example: I am searching Instagram which I had not used before on brave then there are no suggestions when I type “Inst” or anything alphabet related to Instagram. so at that time I have to write full word of that which I was searching for.
So please solve this problem ASAP, Thank you.

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.48.167

Operating System: 64-bit

Could you go to settings → Appearance → Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar.
Also try Autocomplete searches & URLs in the same settings page, if that helps.

It is already turned on,
you are not getting my points understand!

Can you tell me examples of the things you typed in?

Agree with your point. I have some problems with my search bar. When I search for the topics it shows only that I recently visited when I search for those

unique it doesn’t give search suggestions. I attaching a screenshot for this. Kindly check this and solve the issue. :slightly_smiling_face: