What's this? (Cryptoslate)

Avast is complaining about this constantly. Very irritating. Any ideas?

Yes, uninstall Avast. It’s hot garbage

It’s just alerting that a website you were visiting might be wrong. You may want to visit a similar Topic where the Security Engineer for Brave gave a brief response as well. But simple thing is website tried phishing and got caught.

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Yes. But you see, i don’t visit anything. It’s BraveBrowser ad connected

You are saying you NEVER visit any websites? You also never installed any extensions or anything to Brave? You only use it to come to Brave Community to share here? Beyond that your computer does nothing?

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That part out of the way, you’re saying that this just randomly pops up. That still can be from a site you visit where you’ve downloaded something. It could be an extension you’re using which is trying to install something or feed data to a site, it could be a cookie you accepted on another page, or anything else.

How often you’re seeing this notice, what you’re doing when it happens, etc can be important. I’m also not sure if you are aware if you had recently done anything like install new programs, download anything from any sites, or whatever else.

Ideally you’d run a malware scan, perhaps with something like Malwarebytes. You may need to revisit extensions, if using any. And if you can watch for any “triggers” might be good to know.

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