Threat from Brave Browser

Description of the issue:
Hello, i’ve had a worrying issue which happened twice. I was notified by my antivirus Avast that there was a threat blocked from the Brave browser directory. I do not know what I did which triggered the website to try to open this website but I know for sure that i have not been clicking on any links. I’m afraid this comes from Brave browser can someone help me out ?

Windows, latest version
Brave latest version

I will look into it in few hours and see what exactly happened (to the extent I can find it).

@fmarier any idea where to start on this?

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It looks like you tried to visit a crypto-currency phishing site while using Brave and your anti-virus product blocked it.

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So, it is looks like actual phishing malware site
probably a duplicate fraud site of
It may or may not be false positive.

Make sure to do deep scan of your device by Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Anti-virus program.
Also, turn ON Safe browsing Standard protection from brave://settings/security. Turn On or see if Microsoft Defender is already turned ON on your device.
Turn OFF automatic downloads from brave://settings/content/automaticDownloads.

And there are some other stuff to protect online security.

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Read this

Other websites also claim they are official sites.

NB. Kaspersky and google transparency found as safe!

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Hey, first of all thank you for your reply. Secondly, I figured that it is when I open my Phantom wallet that the anti-virus blocks the threat. The issue is that it happens only when i open my Phantom wallet, even without clicking any links. All i do is put my password to access my wallet and then the threat gets blocked. How can they make my computer open a link just by opening my wallet ? It’s a bit scary to be honest.

Thank you so much for your reply. I have deep scanned Brave as well as my laptop, but haven’t found any threat. All the proper settings you mentioned were already enabled except for the automatic download which i’ve just disabled, thank you for that !

Thanks for sharing ! I’ve read it, i’ve been long enough into crypto to not even want to participate in any sort of giveaway no matter how small or large the giveaway is. But it sure is something newbies must read not to fall in those. In my own problem i haven’t clicked or connected to any website i wasn’t using for the past two years, yet just by opening my Phantom Wallet, a link is automatically opened in my brave browser which is immediately blocked by my anti virus.

Are you saying that when you open your phantom wallet after entering your password, a link is automatically opened?
To which website is the link opened to? Is it nftsolana(dot)fun? (DO type the direct url in this comment section while replying to my comment)

I would say that only have a burner wallet to do such shady stuff related to free nft minting with minimal Sol in it.

Exactly, after i open my phantom wallet the link doesn’t even have time to open that my antivirus blocks it. The link of the scam is nftsolana dot fun/uri.txt

I’m trying to record exactly how it happens, however sometimes it pops up and sometimes nothing happens. So throughout today as I open my phantom wallet i will record my screen and hopefully catch it on video. Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated.

Hey, been 4 days or so since you last updated. Has it not reappeared or anything?

I’m sorry i have been having personal issues couldn’t come back to this in time. But yes, it has happened again with different URLs trying to open… Only with Phantom wallet, never happens with Metamask for eg.

This thread was posted before the Solana/Phantom exploit, but I do believe they are related

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