At each site I open in Brave, Bitdefender identifies In other Chrome and Firefox, I do not get these notifications, why I wonder what is going on inside brave.

@Wae_ch apologies for late response. Can you provide more info about your issue?


With pleasure

The first time I got the notice

when visiting I thought that this was related to the site itself but received exactly the same message with addresses as or I then used Firefox and Chrome for the same three websites and Bitdefender did not show any notice.


@Wae_ch maybe related to this thread Constant flagging through Bitdefender

Then I wonder why this constant flagging through Bitdefender is totally absent with the two other browsers…

Additionally, I installed Malwarebytes which - at each access to a new site (url directly typed) - reports



With Malwarebyte installed, Bitdefender has nothing to report but when adding to the exclusion list, Bitdefender will again inform about the disinfection and you will find in the notification board the message

Brave ‘requests’ seem not to be as sure as it should…

Also a Malwarebytes user; If you visit any dodgy sites (or any sites with dodgy popups), can often inject in the temp space into the browser (not a Brave specific issue).

Just close Brave, let malwarebyres clean up the mess in the temp files, then re-open Brave afterwards. It’ll happen to any browser not just Brave, just depends on the site/popup injecting the code.

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