Brave android crashing after new update (Issue solved)


I have been using brave for couple of months now and it works fine on my phone. But after the recent update I can’t open the browser, it crashes as soon as I open it.

My device: samsung galaxy S10 lite

I tried reinstalling it, clearing caches…etc. still not working.


I’m facing the exact same problem . Though before the update whenever I’d check my brave rewards, it would show something went wrong but post update the browser itself has started crashing.


I am facing same problem


Recently, I Updated Brave to v1.24.85 (android), and
i’m Not facing such issue.


I just updated now, its working now.
But what about the bat you had ?
I had around 6 bats in my browser (not in my wallet since I haven’t reached 25 bats to verify it).
Its showing 0 Bats now.

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No Issues,
I have same amount of BAT before and after UPDATE both in my Wallet and Estimate Pending rewards.

Did you clear Date in settings, or something like that ?


I deleted the app and reinstalled it since it was not working.
Could that be the reason?
If it is, isn’t there anyway to recover our previous bat?


I don’t think so any way to recover, but in near future beware.

Facing exact same issue the last few days. Worked great for months - suddenly, I can’t even open the app.

@noel13 sadly there is no way to recover. Although many are asking for recovery keys for new users, so there is hope :slight_smile:

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did you update to 1.24.85 ?

I hope they do something like that.

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