What "Verify Wallet" link?

I hope I am posting in the right place…

  1. I cannot get a “Verify Wallet” link. I am trying to link my Brave wallet to my brand new (verified) Uphold account.

I just read through this thread. Seems the issue was never resolved, for several people.
I do not have a “Verify Wallet” option

  1. It was suggested that we try updating to current version. That leads me to another issue, that probably belongs elsewhere, but since it was already raised…
    Daily, Brave tells me to update. Sometimes it tells me it can’t update, and I should reinstall. I tried that once, but it made no difference. Many times, I have gone to About Brave, and updated, giving the OK to Windows security, when that pops up. But it just “updates” to the same version, over and over and over. It usually tells me that Brave is up to date, only to tell me it’s not, the next day.
    Currently running: Version 0.68.139 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  2. Back to Brave Rewards, I don’t really want an Uphold account. What I want is transaction history and cost basis for when I received Rewards or Grants what I have tipped, what has expired, etc., so that I can file taxes… I’m not even sure Uphold will give me that. (I was told it won’t.) But I can’t find that info anywhere on Brave, so I thought I would see what I could get from Uphold, before I complained to Brave. But I’ve been stonewalled again!

  3. Also on the subject of BAT: Where are these expiration dates I have heard about? Never seen one. Can’t find them.


  1. How do I get data to report BAT received (and tipped or expired) to report on my taxes?
  2. How do I resolve the Battle of the Non-upgrades?

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OOPS! I guess I should just reply to the thread I linked. But I had already started this, and I don’t know how to move it. sorry.

Are you on Windows?

You can grab the installer again from brave.com or if you have a copy on your machine.

Then run the installer. No need to uninstall. Just run the installer. It’ll fetch the latest release 1.7.x

The “verify wallet” button should appears in the latest version.

The latest version also have a wallet statement available on brave:rewards.

Both wallet verification and statement is only available on desktop for now.

It’s only applied to BAT from free grants. In the past, Brave issued free grants to it’s users so users can try the Rewards system. It’ll be “expired” and will be sent back to User Growth Pool if not used within 90 days.

BAT you earned from Brave Ads or your own fund have no expiration date.

Thanks for your response.

I have successfully re-installed, and verified my wallet.

At Brave:Rewards:

  1. The drop down arrow in the middle of the blue panel used to say “Grants,” and listed BAT awarded to me, that were labeled as Grants. Naturally, I was trying to figure out where the expiration dates were. Now the arrow says “Details,” and the same list of numbers (I think, from memory) is labeled as received from viewing ads. No wonder I was confused. That same list appeared in my Uphold wallet, labeled as arriving a few minutes before, when I verified my Brave wallet.

  2. I cannot find any “wallet statement,” which you referenced. So any way you slice it, I have no idea when I actually received those BAT, or the cost basis at the time, or what or when I may have tipped, or what Grants I may have had that have already expired. I am no closer to being able to report any BAT transactions on my taxes than when I first realized they should be reported. Am I the only Brave user even trying to be legal here?

  3. Meanwhile, I got a notice that “Your rewards from Ads are here.” So I clicked the Claim button, and dragged the logo where I was told. The site responded with, “Hmmm, not quite,” and gave me new instructions, which I attempted to carry out. After carefully dragging the logo where instructed about six times, without success, I closed out of that window. A second notice appeared, and I am stuck repeating the process. I have done this before. I know I am doing it correctly and carefully. The site just plain won’t work.

At this point, you are going to have to give me a pretty good reason not to skip the whole thing, and go back to Firefox. I am simply not well enough to manage all these headaches! I don’t mean to be nasty or rude, but it’s becoming a matter of protecting my health.

Just to make sure I understand correctly: Can I believe that the BAT that is now in my Uphold wallet really is from viewing ads, and may I really withdraw or trade any of that BAT as I wish?

Thanks for your assistance.

Please permit me to try again.

Have I offended everyone so much that no one is willing to respond to me? Or are we simply lacking answers to my questions? Either way, I apologize for being cranky.

If anyone is willing and able to reply to me, here is what it boils down to:

  1. I am really wondering what everyone else is doing about BAT Rewards and taxes. Are you:
  • Assuming the amount is too small to report? [You might be right. I calculated my best guestimate, and gave it to my tax preparer. She said that since it is under $10, it is “not reportable.” That solves my problem for 2019, but what about going forward?]

  • Understanding the tax regs differently, and thinking it doesn’t need to be reported, in any case? [I got my info from CoinTracker, if I am understanding them correctly.]

  • Thinking it’s not worth bothering with, and wondering what’s the matter with me, that I can’t figure that out?

  • Thinking it just never occurred to you to ask the question?

  • Assuming that if we needed to do something about it, Brave would tell us what, and how?

  1. Since I am still completely confused about how to tell the difference between “Grants” and “Ad Rewards,” I don’t know which set of rules applies to what is now in my Uphold wallet?
    Will it expire if I don’t use it to tip?
    Will it not expire, but can only be used to tip?
    Can I tip, or withdraw, or trade it?

  2. Every time I open a new tab, I am invited to claim my Ad Rewards. But I still can’t convince the server that I am human. (I do not get this notice on my Brave Rewards settings page, or dropdown banner.) I guess this is part of the issue you are already working on?

Thank you. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

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