What is 'To receive your contribution balance, you'll need to fully verify your identity on Uphold.' when i'm already verified on uphold


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It might take a few hours for the connection status to update on the Creators dash. You can also try clearing your cache and checking again. :slight_smile:

The real answer is that Uphold is a terrible partner and another should have been selected. Far too many bad reviews from high transaction fees to arbitrarily closing user wallets and retaining their crypto as well as a plethora of account issues with the verification process as you’ve experienced. This was a VERY POOR choice for Brave Browser dev community!! Check out these unsolicited user reviews at the bottom of this coinexchange link. https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.net/en/uphold-com/

Hi Asad,

I have the same problem. My Uphold account is Verified since December but my Brave browser is saying you need to verify. I was clicked the verify now button many times, but doesn’t work. I also tried to clean my cache data. What can I do now?



You’re saying that, when you click the Verify wallet button there in the Rewards panel, nothing happens? That is – quite literally, the browser is unresponsive when you click it?

After I click on the Verify button, a new window opens witch goes to the Uphold homepage. (see attached)

Hmmm – this is the intended behavior, except there should be a step in-between clicking Verify wallet and the Uphold page that looks like this:

Did you ever see this screen?


Yes, I saw this window as well. Still jumps to the Uphold site and nothing happens.

To anyone still affected – try disconnecting your Uphold account from your wallet and re-verifying the account connection.

@ Asad Thank you, Have to use wallet from uphold account verifying than will connect right? Thanks Thanks :yum:

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