Cant fix: "To receive your payments, you'll need to verify your identity on Uphold"

Hello. I have verified my uphold account. Updated the Brave browser but i still get the:

“To receive your payments, you’ll need to verify your identity on Uphold”

Message, and i dont know what to do to fix it.

Im using win7 32-b desktop pc.

Sorry if this topic has been discussed and cleared in the past.

Thanks for your help and understanding.


Try this (you may have to unlink your account first):

  1. Go to and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow
  2. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet
  3. Follow steps
  4. Wallet verification should be successful (in “Wallet verified” state)

Thank you for the fast reply. That solved the issue.

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