Viewing cookie details in site information

Am I missing something? Previously I was able to access cookies, cookie details / values and delete specific cookies through the “View site information” menu in the address bar. If I open it now and click on cookies, I can only see which sites have cookies stored, but not the individual cookies/values.

I find it highly inconvenient to navigate all the way to the specific website i want to see/edit in brave://settings/content/all. I guess it’s easier to go through the devtools > application and then cookies…

Is there a setting or flag for this? Or what would now be the most convenient way to view and delete specific cookies?


Google changed it, yeah also annoyed about it at the time.

Using Dev tools is the best option now (without relying on any 3rd-party extension).

Thanks for the info, I was behind on multiple updates until last week, guess I shouldn’t have updated :^)

I’ll be using the dev tools for now then.