What files i must backup for restore later?

Sorry if it wrong category, not sure where better. I also check for similar question. but found only with the date of 2020, and there were no answers to it.

Description of the issue:
I am using automatic backups. The problem is that the brave is essentially sowing in the .config/bravesoftware/ all files: logs, site-caches, crashes, shader cache, temporary files e t c… Thus, this folder is not less than 500 MB and is constantly changing, and the place in the reserve copies storage is not endless.

Thus, the question: what kind of files should I save in order to, if necessary, be able to restore all settings, bookmarks, installed extensions, wallet from the backup at any time?

Expected result:
be able to restore browser state.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:

You’re best to save the entire \brave-browser folder. This will save your BAT (if Unverified), Bookmarks, Profile, Extensions, etc.

It will NOT save your passwords. The only way to save this is through sync, but sync is not intended to be a form of backup. It can still be done, but things may change. For example, the 25th word changes daily. If you do a manual backup, you’ll have the passwords but they’ll be encrypted and the browser won’t be able to read it. (at least not if adding to a new installation of Brave)

Wallet has no file to backup to, assuming you mean Brave Wallet. For that, you’ll just need to have your seed phrase and make sure you never lose it. If you don’t have it now, log in to your Wallet and choose Back Up Now from the three dots there. Make sure you keep that phrase written down somewhere safe and then you’ll be able to pull it up on any device you own that has Brave.


If you have multiple devices, Sync is the easiest way for passwords, extensions, bookmarks, and most info except Rewards and Wallet. Just keep in mind as I said above, it’s not intended for a backup and the code will change regularly, so it’s only best if you have multiple devices you’re using.

I am not interested in passwords, I use KeepassXC for this. And speaking of the brave wallet, i meant the settings more, because the awards are setup on automatic spending.
Honestly, after using Firefox synchronization, I thought that saving browser settings is something simple, and not terribly striven.
Well, thus it is easier to just synchronize with the Android phone then, so this way i may only lose preservation made in Tab Saver extension.
Thanks for the advice, Saoiray.

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