What does the number on the Brave Icon mean?

I am seeing a number on my desktop brave browser icon. What is it, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO, and how do I get rid of?

I do know that this blue number in the bottom right of the icon is an indicator of downloads. What I do NOT know is what action am I supposed to take and how do I get rid of it. The number increases daily and it is now up to 16. It is a constant irritant because the appearance of this number implies an action I should take. I don’t know what to do or how to clear this number.

Thanks for any help you can give! ~Linda~

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.01.25 PM


looks like the number of blocked incoming items.

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No, I don’t think that is correct. That number appears at the top left of my opening page. This has something to do with downloads. Not sure exactly what it is supposed to notify me of, or what I am supposed to do about it, but I was playing with my downloads and the number disappeared.

I’d like to know the significance of this number, why I need to see it, what I need to do about it.

@LindaCRH I don’t have Mac so I don’t know if they changed anything up for Mac compared to other browsers, but that is just a basic brave image and usually that icon appears for Brave Shields. I guess the bigger question is where exactly are you seeing this icon and what happens if you click on it?

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It is number of popups and unnecessary tackers blocked on a particular website that you have opened on that page, so this number will change with different websites.

This is not correct. It has to do with downloads. However, I cannot understand what I’m supposed to do with this number nor do I understand how to clear it.

The number of unnecessary trackers that you are referring to shows up at the top left of my screen. It is a different thing.

But thank you anyway.

@LindaCRH no answer? What happens if you click it? It should open something. If you can answer and/or show a screenshot would be helpful in getting you an answer.

If I click just the number, nothing happens. If I click the icon, Brave opens. Clicking the number does nothing.

Found these topics per Chrome icon. They are kind of old, but maybe it’s a carry-over to Brave?


You can see your downloads in brave://downloads Maybe there is notifications on interrupted downloads there?


Thank you! I’ll check it out and see if it helps!

Edited to add: i checked out the link and it is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks! :grinning:


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