What does "greaselion" do and how does it work?

A short description plus a link to something technical please.

Thank you.

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More on Greaselion at this post https://github.com/brave/brave-site-specific-scripts
and here My C Drive is filled up with Brave logs? - #5 by CityguyUSA


Incidentally, I had the same problem as the user at the second link but I’m braver and just zapped them all right away (with Brave not running). Well not so brave really because I zapped them by moving them.

Also, the current version appears to delete them on exit so it stays clean. But I didn’t like to leave it at that without knowing why.

Thank you.

Looks like the folder cleanup was implemented in the 1.42.x release according to the milestones for the below closed GitHub issue reports, so cool. :slightly_smiling_face:

Remove Greaselion extension folders when they are unloaded #12833

Greaselion temp folders are not cleaned up when extensions are updated #21866

There still might be a problem for existing profiles per the below open issue report.

clean up Greaselion temp folders for existing profiles #24067

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