Need to know what is these folders and what are they for


recently my av started to notify me about some virus (win32 worm type on files with .js extension )inside brave user data folder.

all the folders seem to have random names, i provide a picture

Some of these folders, reapear after i delete them, could someone give me a insight if they are not supposed to be there, it seems it started after i used tor integration to acess a blocked website in my country but idk

Thank you

They are extensions folders. The first screenshot is likely for Tor feature – may false positive.

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hello, and thanks for the fast response,

i have one more question tough, you said that these folders are extension
folders, even if i don’t have any extension, does the same folders will shown there ? because i didn’t install any extension on the browser whatsoever.

thank you

Yes. Because of some default features – like Tor, PDF viewer, HTTPS Everywhere and other/s. Nothing to worried about. :slight_smile:

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