What do this screen mean? (it is a saxophone emoji)

Background: I accidentally deleted brave from my 2-way authentication app for on publishers.basicattentiontoken.org and i tried to remove it in by entering my email and clicking a link. Then I panicked (can’t explain that) and did the same process again and it said I had canceled the removal. I assumed that means I have re-remove 2-way authentication to be able to log in to my account again.

So when I tried to remove it a second time I get the screen above and no email about removing it. I assume there is a safety feature to hinder hammering but it do not say how long I have to way before I can try to remove 2-way authentication again.

This happens when you make too many requests to our servers, try to remove your 2fa again soon and it should work :saxophone::sunglasses:


It could be more clear.

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Agreed, I’ve updated it to say “:saxophone: Try again in a bit”