What are the best browser settings or configurations to enhance gaming performance on a gaming computer when using Brave?

Hey Brave Community,

Let’s dive into the world of gaming and explore how we can fine-tune our browsing experience on Brave to ensure optimal performance while gaming on a computer [ https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/d/gaming-pcs/ ]. I’m curious about the best browser settings or configurations that can help elevate gaming performance when using Brave.

Here are a few points to kick off the discussion:

Performance-Boosting Settings: What specific settings or configurations within Brave have you found to significantly enhance gaming performance on a computer?

Resource Management: Are there particular settings in Brave that can efficiently manage system resources while gaming, ensuring a smoother gaming experience?

Adaptive Features: Does Brave offer any adaptive features or configurations tailored for gaming scenarios to reduce latency or enhance compatibility?

Extensions or Add-ons: Any specific Brave extensions or add-ons known to complement gaming on a computer, optimizing the browser for a gaming-centric experience?

If you’ve discovered ways to fine-tune Brave to create a seamless browsing experience while gaming on your computer, your insights could be incredibly valuable to fellow gamers in the community.

Let’s pool our knowledge and explore how Brave’s settings and configurations can be optimized to deliver an exceptional gaming experience on our computers. Share your tips, tricks, and configurations that have worked wonders for gaming while using Brave!

Looking forward to learning from your experiences and expertise!