Webtorrent not downloading

Whenever I open a magnet link and click start torrent or start download its not downloading.

help me pls

Just tested on my end and everything seems to be working alright. Can you tell me where you’re downloading your torrents from so I can test under the exact conditions you’re using?

I downloaded from rutracker.org i tried magnet links and torrrents the thing i downloaded was train simulator DLCS They are mods. For Example Search up: Train Simulator F59PH And click any of the links that it shows make sure you use google for this. the selection is next to the search bar

then click on any of these:

then scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see this:

Any solutions?

Dont worry its not a virus :slight_smile:

It appears that a creating an account here is necessary for accessing any of the content. Can I ask you instead to test downloading a torrent from a different site yourself (perhaps yts.com for example) and tell me whether or not you get the same results?

yes i got the same results is there any solutions?

Wondering if this might be caused by a particular extension you have installed at this time? I can’t think of any other reason this is happening — I will ask the team to see if anyone has seen this behavior before.

Until then, can you please try disabling your extensions and test to see if one of them was causing the issue?

ill try man but pls tell the team to fix thanks because i can confirm that i have no other extensions besides the built in web torrent relating to that torrent.

Please let me know whether or not the issue persists with no extensions enabled.

Thank you

it still happens i need help

Hello, Good morning/afternoon/evening.

A possible solution that I see likely, as I also experienced this problem, is for you to activate WebTorrent, as in the image below.


I hope it was helpful, and I apologize if it was not. Regards

I’m wondering if you’re using a VPN when you go to download the torrent that my be stopping it from starting? It shouldn’t either way but still worth investigating

I dont have any vpn on tho.

Honestly I am not clear on why this is happening. Seems to be working just fine on my end on both macOS and Windows systems. Let me reach out to a couple team members who might be able to point us in the right direction here.

Can you also please confirm for me what version of the browser you’re using, as well as what Windows version?

Thank you for your patience.

I’m also curious if you’re able to download torrent files using a different torrent client? I’m wondering if your ISP is blocking these trackers — which, if they were, would likely cause downloading torrents via any client to fail.

My version is if im correct its 1.51.114 and its up to date here’s a screenshot just from today.

Can you please respond to my previous comment?

I can confirm my isp doesnt block it and im not using a different torrent client

Is there any way I can get you to test the behavior using another torrent client? You don’t even need to finish the download — simply install any torrent client (I recommend qBittorrent or uTorrent lite), initiate a download the same way you are now and tell me if the torrent starts downloading or not.

it downloaded but it kinda delayed but overall it works for qtorrent and utorrent both work except the brave one.

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