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Hello! When I click download torrent from site, its just blank page. no download, no notification, nothing. blank page. in other browsers, the download works. any idea why?
P.S. it is a Slovenian torrent site, and you can access only with slovenian IP. But I have access, only when I try to downlad, it redirect me to blank page. (torrent site)
thank you for all the help

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Do you have the webtorrent extension enabled in the browser when you see this behavior?

yes it is enabled like that.

Are you attempting to download the .torrent file itself, or are you using a magnet link? If you haven’t tried, does the magnet link produce any different results? Also I know you’re currently on a specific torrent site, but if you wouldn’t mind, can you try going to another one and see if you get the same behavior? Maybe ?

When I clicked your link, this appears:

I see – are you able to access any more widely known torrent websites? Something that I would be able to visit/access and test myself?

This site, I am using for torrent is very trusty. I don’t want to use other torrent sites.
When i go to your site, what should i click now?

The top link – Magnet Download

First it opens new tab for betting page, and when i close that, this shows.

:point_up: So that page is the webtorrent extension page. This page allows you to stream the torrent directly in the browser – note that content streamed this way will not be saved once the browser is closed.

If you’d like to download the torrent file normally and open it using your own, simply disable webtorrent in Settings --> Extensions --> Webtorrent. Additionally, you can download the content of the torrent file using webtorrent as well but selecting Start torrent, then clicking the down-arrow in the Save file column of the subsequent table that appears:


Ok I guess this can be my solution for my torrent page. I disabled the webtorrent and it works fine. torrent is then downloaded by utorrent. So I have no benefits here on this site from web browser :confused:

I’m not sure what exactly you’re losing – you’re visiting the site on Brave all the way up until downloading/viewing the torrent file.

Do not use WebTorrent download in brave. Downloading torrent is a joke in brave. Twice I had “Aw! Snap” issue and all my torrent progress has been lost. When I checked online forums and community site, I found the you have to explicitly save the file after torrenting!! What kind of gimmick is that? Apparently its a bug covered up by devs posing it a feature.

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