Website popup blocker is a popup by itself

I have strict adblocking and tracking protection activated and each time Brave blocks a popup malicious website it shows a popup tab to tell it has been blocked. I can’t find any option to disable such messages and I wanted to know if it’s possible to do so.

I believe you’re mixing something up in your mind. These notices you’re showing in the screenshot is when a URL is attempted to open. It could be something you typed in, a link you clicked on, or even an ad. Rather than opening the malicious site and possibly getting you a virus or some form of malware, it stops it and provides this warning to let you know you shouldn’t proceed as the website is not safe.

If you are saying this is occurring as an ad on some sort of page, then you should file a report here under Ad-Blocking, making sure to provide information such as the link to the website you were on when this appeared. You also may want to revisit your Shields settings to make sure you have good content filters on, such as Fanboy's Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances.

Link to the site that caused the popup? @Efeme

That is exactly the problem, the website I was trying to use was a different one and the websites that the browser is blocking are popup ads that I never clicked and I just wanted to know if Brave could just block them without any notification while I’m using the website that I was using in the first place. Ublock origin doesn’t have this problem.

@Efeme it’s important to provide more info. Like I asked about the link to the website. Fanboynz who replied here also asked the same. Fanboynz is one of the primary people who write content filters for all the adblock programs, including uBlock Origin.

You also didn’t reply to advise whether you have tried the content filters as I suggested you use or what your Shields settings are like. Brave and uBO pretty much use the same exact things. So if no issue on one, shouldn’t have issue on the other.

Yes, it usually does. What you’re showing is something that popped up, which adblocker generally stops. But then it went the one step further to make sure the malicious content didn’t load. But usually doesn’t even let it get that far. So we need you to provide more info so it can be fixed.

The site is, it’s one of those sketchy websites that make popups appear everytime you click on everything

Also I’m using this filters

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Captura desde 2023-08-21 11-01-19

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I’m getting the same thing on Chrome and Edge. Is it the right URL or are they down?

It works for me, do you have some type of certificate filters or anything that could be blocking the connection?

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