Web search and Bing search appears

The issue is that even though I’ve chosen only Google as the default search engine, I see Web search and Bing search.

The issue can be reproduced by highlighting text on any web page then look at the context menu.

When I highlight the text I’ve typed above, here and now, the context menu only offers Bing search. In other web pages, I see both Web search and Bing search listed. Web search does use Google.

Expect to Not see Bing anywhere.

Brave Version 1.17.75

Android 9 Moto G6

That is pretty strange – have you ever had Bing search as your default? Further, have you changed any of your default search options since installing the browser? Also, if you do initiate a “Bing search” does it run the search in Brave? Or does it open up a different browser/app?

I found the culprit, uninstalling the Outlook app gets rid of it. I’ll access outlook via the web but can you experts find a resolve?


Thank you for the information – yes I will pass this onto the devs to review.

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no no, thank you thank you thank you

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