location search not working

Version 0.60.48 Chromium: 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Main page has a location search where you click on the “Show me the weather in”. It does not work on this version of Brave. Nothing happens when you click on it.
Works fine in FireFox and Chrome

Are you using what operating system are you using? The search function works fine on my end on macOS:

I am using Windows 10

Sorry for the delay.
Search bar works for me on Win10 as well. Does the search work on the site when Shields are down?

Brave Shields was causing the problem.


You’re very welcome!
Quick note: it was likely only one of the Shields settings that caused this. Should you want to continue using Shields on this site (or any other site where you encounter an issue like this), find the individual protection that conflicts with the site and disable only that.

In this particular situation it seems like it’s a Fingerprinting/Device Recognition issue so I would start there. Next likely candidate would be Cookie settings I’d wager. Set the protection setting you’re testing to Allow all [...] and see if the issue is resolved.

More on Shields and how to use them here:

There were 10 Ads blocked and that’s what caused it…can’t turn off the ads one-by-one.


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Excellent, thank you! There’s likely some sort of location tracking going on in the background given the nature (ha!) of the site. I’ll forward this to our web compatibility team to address. Thank you again for reporting.