Want to reinstall Windows. Can you keep the earnings made for this month?

There was a token system you could save browser BAT and reinstall windows properly but IDK why they get rid of it… I’m on the same boat. Payouts TAKE SO LONG that I’m always postponing it because I’ll lose the browser’s BAT. Hope they fix 1- payments speed and 2- token system

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Yes you can save and restore it. On windows, go to C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser and copy the complete ‘User Data’ directory to a save location. After re-installing windows and Brave restore this directory to the same location. Job done.

Make sure Brave is up to date before you do this on the old installation and that Brave is not running during both saving and restoring the data.

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Not correct I’m afraid. See my detailed answer to the OP.

I done this and lost all my money. wallet was verified too. Reached out to Brave, no response, reached out on here, no response. Lost all my tokens.

I would just avoid using this browser altogether if here for that reason, as its broken and they don’t care, but hey, brave still earns a nice % :wink:

Recovery codes are pointless if they recover nothing.

Same. I did that and lost all my browser BATs

As you can see from people, there’s the “official answer” and the “unofficial.” Technically the only backup & restore for BAT is to have our devices connected to Uphold or Gemini. This said, you can transfer it over on devices such as Windows.

Users often suggest just one or two particular files but Product Manager (Rewards) with Brave suggests you don’t just copy partial files as you have a risk for problems. Instead, move your entire Brave folder.

I link to it all and give some better explanation in my FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Make sure to check the portion entitled I'm getting a new device, how do I backup my BAT/information? OR I need to reinstall, how do I save my BAT/information?

To go back and forth on the correct vs not correct train, HighPriestess42 did give the “official” answer. The workaround you provided, at least in part, is what’s been provided by Chriscat and been fleshed out to work until they release the official “Backup & Restore.”

So both correct, just depend on which way you want to look at it. Thanks for the awesome info though, as at least you did guide to say the entire /Brave folder whereas some others try to say things like User Data only and all, which has caused complications for people.

The answer given by the Brave rewards product manager IS the official answer.

This topic was answered. Why do you have to wade in?

  1. The official way to “back up and restore” is basically to verify your Rewards wallet with Uphold/Gemini. When you do so, the BAT that’s stored in your browser (as local files) is transferred to your Uphold/Gemini account. So, as long as you log into your Uphold/Gemini account on your new browser installation, you should see your BAT balance again, since verified users just use the BAT from their Uphold/Gemini accounts.

Also note that on #3, when referencing the backup of the folder, his words are:

Still, this is not the officially supported path, so there are no guarantees.

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Yep. it was. In fact, it was answered in part before you even commented.

Because you put down the answer given by HighPriestess42 as if they were wrong when they were absolutely correct in what they said.

It’s important to realize there’s two different yet equally correct responses on this. If you can throw stones and tell people they are wrong, then so can others. Yet unlike you, I acknowledged the answers and instead just guided through so OP can have a better understanding, rather than the disagreement you chose to have.

I think it should be added to the “correct answer” that you can not save your months earnings even if you have your wallet verified and all this. Seems not even the “copy all browser folder” method works

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That’s interesting if the case. I hadn’t really heard specifically on this, but it does make sense if you’re not on a verified device, as you’d have to claim it the following month and that could only be done on the device that earned it. If it’s connected to Uphold/Gemini though, your current month should send out the next month via Uphold/Gemini and then be available there.

So I need to use brave sync or something like that? Because I have a verified wallet. I’ve formatted my windows system and copied all my brave folder (updated ofc) and lost all my “earnings this month” AKA browser BAT’s. Same as some guy who replied on top.

I’ve tought that the only method was the “backup and restore” which is currently working not or it’s not supported on some countries? I don’t really know

@jdrone411 Sync has nothing to do with Brave Rewards. That is only for Bookmarks and History for all devices, then on things like Windows it also is Extensions and Passwords.

The difference is between verified and unverified. If it’s an unverified Rewards account, then everything is kind of stored within the browser. So when you move it over, then it should copy over and you lose nothing.

When it comes to verified, your browser occasionally reports to Brave in regards to what you’ve seen. When you go over to the new browser and connect with Uphold or Gemini, it should continue that communication. Whether it shows up in your Estimated Earnings is something I’m not knowledgeable on and not going to tell you either way. All I can refer you to are the two parts of Reddit where Chriscat spoke of it. The one was link above, https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/smh28a/brave_backup/ which is where I followed up with him and asked questions on a Reddit account I had created. (before I recovered my older one)

The deeper details and original descriptions on what to do and how it works is at https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/rvsokm/how_to_backup_brave_wallet_for_windows/

So things like:

I would say it works with a very high degree of reliability so long as the user makes sure to upgrade their browser to a very recent version of Brave (ideally the latest, which is currently v1.33).

The user should not try to use both profiles at the same time, though (copy-paste this folder and use 2+ browsers simultaneously with the same profile), since that will probably lead to some unexpected behavior with the spent/unspent status of the BAT.

It could fail if the user doesn’t copy-paste the folders correctly, or only copies a subset, etc., or if the versions of the browsers are wildly mismatched (which is why it’s also important to update the browser before doing this).

I would replace the entire /brave-browser folder right away before doing anything else. Don’t enable Rewards first in the new installation. (That said, /brave-browser is basically everything about your browser profile, even if you enabled Rewards first and then went and replaced the /brave-browser folder, it’d be a completely different profile.) But I’d just avoid any additional/unnecessary steps :).

I’m not sure what you did when you did yours. Ideally it needed to have Brave installed on new device (or your restored one), but then files replaced before you ever opened Brave or turned on Rewards. Once that was done, it should have been just like everything was normal. If the order was done differently, you might have created a second profile. You still would be able to connect to Uphold/Gemini and earn as normal. And the Rewards you had on your prior device should still hopefully arrive in a separate payment (if they are indeed different profiles/wallets/Rewards)

Sorry for long response, but I hope maybe some of that helps clarify?

That was the same post I’ve followed when reinstalled my recent windows and lost my current month earning before payment at that time. its worth noting that brave opens by itself right after installing it I think (didn’t see the “don’t open browser after install” option if there was one).

Still linked my verified wallet and my wallet balance was there but the browser one didn’t. Should like record a video whenever I’m formatting again I guess

Still the old token system was more realiable imo. Hope they implement it again soon

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@DTS ,

The important directory is the “BraveSoftware” folder located at:


I would use WinZip in order to make a .zip compressed copy of that folder, and include the day and date in the name. Then copy that “20220316_Wed_BraveSoftware_bkup.zip” file to an external drive, every week (or more often). Maintain maybe 10 of those files; out with the old; in with the new.

Next, every day, using a Windows OS machine, create a new System Restore Point (and include the day and date in the name). Create a new System Restore Point before all installation work. Create a new System Restore Point when the computer seems to be “just running great.”

Any username and password of importance, use a password manager application; examples: 1Password, KeePass, LastPass, BitWarden . . . in addition to whatever browser built-in manager exists or sync plan.

And manually back up your Bookmarks. Name the resulting “Bookmarks.html” file, so that it also includes day, date, time.

PS. GoodSync has a backup program for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows OS.

@CloggyAbroad And? People are able to post anything they’d like. I’ve had discussions with staff and have adjusted how I speak a bit more. What you’ll notice is no direct link or quotes to issues. We’ve had people here who have violated standards, such as name-calling and everything here.

What’s interesting is if you ever want to take time to look through all my responses and all, you’ll see people generally like what I have to say. Don’t get me wrong, some people get hurt in different ways. Like one got upset when I added information or rephrased things if they had posted before. Others just wanted to argue for no reason. We’ve even had quite a few who decided to violate Terms in name-calling and all. My responses to that negativity hasn’t always been good. I’ve also explained the “why” behind this and people have been talking to me, helping me to work on it.

As that said, I’m unpaid and am here on my own time. I’ve explained to people I’m disabled and stuck at home. This forum has been a place where I’ve decided to spend a lot of my time, because I’m able to help with a series of “known answers” and responses. I don’t “know it all” and won’t even begin to claim I do. I also advise I’ve had a traumatic brain injury in 2010, am on the autism spectrum, have PTSD, etc. This can make me more attentive to details and also more defensive to attacks. My directness/bluntness in speaking also can be perceived the wrong way at times. Important to know is I focus on facts, but a lot of times people try to read into it a bit more and take offense when none was there.

I guess a good example to that is how I applauded your answer and said good to see it being shared, as many others give inaccurate. Then I focused on how you said someone else was wrong, but advised they technically weren’t. Instead of being receptive to that and trying to understand, you lashed out asking why I had to say something and even tried arguing. I have calmly responded to what you said and shared screenshots/links like you did, so you can better understand what has been said.

So now, instead of admitting wrong or trying to calmly communicate an issue, you’re trying to link to where others have complained? What does that have to do with this?

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Closing this thread as it’s no longer on topic to the OP. @DTS I’m sending you a DM now.

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