Wallpaper photos

It just occurred to me that if Brave had unique photos instead of attractive ones, more people would naturally use it. Provocative photos, meaning provoking conversation or interest. with chrome, safari etc, some times there’s an interesting picture, otherwise it’s non-stimulating. what if EVERY photo provoked thought, curiosity, etc. If that is done, people could look forward to opening Brave. Standard sales tactic. Generate interest…

tons of public domain shots out there. examples: a line of people climbing across a fence with personal effects in tow. who are they? where they going? what kinda stuff are they carrying…etc. or a 60’s beach scene…seeking what young people were doing back then… photo of a hobo…look how he’s dressed. what is he carrying with him that he feels are necessities? when i open a browser, about the only photo that interests me is a micro shot that shows close up things that i normally wouldn’t see. Just a thought.

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