I think Brave should do something about the homepage background images

There are like 5 wallpapers that are going in circle for like a year or something. I wish there was like more “live” wallpapers like in “Honey” extension. Maybe at least upload some new static pictures?


Yeah I agree with you, I got used to it and replaced it with Google dark theme start page.

It could be so much better and flexible.

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Love the browser - I tried it on desktop years ago and thought it wasn’t really usable back then. Now I use nothing else. Thanks, team!

…But! These background images aren’t really much good. I particularly hate the one with the green plants on it. The whole picture package feels pretty inferior to some of the gorgeous photos offered on Bing.

Couldn’t you draw from a wider bank of photos (that are actually aesthetically pleasing!), and/or let us upload images of our own to go on our own browsers?

Once again, thanks to the team for a fantastic browser!

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