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Is there any site where i can download wallpapers with Brave’s theme? , of somebody knows any place with Brave’s themes for desktop , greetings…



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@willchristiansen may have some resources for you.


Hey @YonhPal - do you mean the photos that are used in each New Tab you open? If so, each photographer’s name is linked to where more of their photography can be found! Look in the lower left corner of each photo. I am one of those photographers, if you’d like to check out my work you can go to and download any of my photos and set them to be your background image/wallpaper. If you’d like to follow me on mobile I’m @ sky_folk on Instagram (I release mobile wallpapers via my stories on that app) and @ wchristiansen on Twitter (some photos, some videos, nerdy conversations, etc). Cheers!


@willchristiansen oh wow it’s very interesting your artistic work , i going to follow you , thanks for your answer, oh i almost forget, try to do some kind of wallpapers for desktop with Brave’s Logo or your pictures with some legend in any corner saying something like that : Be Brave , it’ll be cool…

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