One of the 'New Tab' photos is mislabeled as shot by me, but it is someone else's shot!


Hey Brave team. The attached ‘New Tab’ photo is attributed to me but it actually someone else’s shot. I want to make sure they get their credit!

I believe this is in the general release channel build as well.



cc @rossmoody @kliu on this

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@willchristiansen @eljuno Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get this fixed up.



Good lookin’ out @willchristiansen!
And while I’m here I’d like to say - excellent photos you submitted! Your shots fit perfectly with the NTP image theme. My girlfriend (also using Brave) even brought them up and asked if they “got better” :slight_smile:



Thank you that’s fun to hear and I appreciate you letting me know :slight_smile: I love how much attention Brave spends on the details of user experience like having the photos from creators in New Tabs, etc. Really cool imo.

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