Low distraction desktop?

I am hoping Brave will help me stay more focused
The wallpaper photos while beautiful are very distracting. Each time I open a new tab I get a see a new photo.
If I turn them off then the bright pink colors of the desktop is also very distracting.
Is there any way to get a simple wallpaper that does not change?

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@kgreed :roll_eyes: this is not a problem at all, you can just ignore the wallpaper photos or colors.

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It is a problem for me. Brave values my attention regarding advertisements. I would like it to value my attention with it’s color scheme.

I found a work around. It was to install a New Tab Override extension. However I then loose the lovely shortcut images on the desktop.

Not bc is not a problem for you means is not a problem for others.

I dont mind it at all but always give options for people to feel as close as home as possible. Whatever that home is