Wallets & FUN :D

I have to say that the NEVER ENDING situation about wallets is really funny :smiley:

How did it go:

  1. Problems with completely nonsensical device link limit on Uphold wallet at the start.
  2. Big launch of the Brave wallet, which is completely USELESS because Brave rewards cannot be transferred to it.
  3. Gemini wallet that cannot be connected because you are not on the list of a few supported countries.
  4. Now It wouldn’t surprise me that even the connection to the Uphold wallet would stop working and therefore it would not be possible to earn Brave rewards at all.

This whole “wallet thing” seems to me like complete amateurism, big failure and unpreparedness. And most of all, it’s a shame for the whole project :frowning:

UPDATE: Now the point #4 is real :smiley: So even with Uphold wallet I was blocked for earning BAT :ok_hand: Reason: livin in “bad” country :smiley:

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