I can't Sync my Browser on PC to my Andoird

I have Brave browser on android and on PC, I want to connect and Sync them but there is literally no option to do so. This seems like a massive disconnect and I have 1000s of BAT on my Android that are essentially useless.

I want to connect my Uphold to my PC and Android but there is no option to do so… Like what is the entire purpose of having Brave on my android if I can’t even send my rewards to the same account…


Same problem here, I can’t add my uphold account to my android brave :confused:

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Yeah its brutal. I have a PC brave rewards and an android one but for some reason I cannot connect the 2 together and run it off the same wallet?. What a dumb feature. Seems like a massive waste of time since your Android rewards are utterly useless until they make it worthwhile I’m going to uninstall the Android one. Also I never ever get rewards on my PC only on my Android. I have like 2.5 BAT from like 6 months of PC and like 1200 from Android… I use them equally so I don’t know why but the PC one is useless and the Android one is cool but again useless if I cant even claim them…

Currently, I think it is not possible to connect PC wallets to Android wallets. Attempts are being made to make it available next. Android rewards can be used to tip content creators and support their work. :wink:

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