Unable to link Uphold wallet

Case Number: 824694e9-f16d-437b-aea0-eb1035d48b32

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More info will be needed.


Oh ok,
So this week i format my pc and when i try to login again my secure wallet says “Maximum Limit Reach”, and i only have one cell phone and one PC…
I looked for a solution to this limit and in a post I found a tutorial and a link to a support page, I submitted the support page and this is the case number.

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It takes upto a week after you submit the request. Sometimes even 2-3 weeks or 1 month.

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Ok, not problem, i can wait.

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Hey @chh_68 any news about this issue?

I have no idea. I am not with official brave support team. @steeven

I heard from the official team that soon users will be able to unlink their devices on their own. Feature might be brought at the end of Q1.