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I’m a Defi user so obviously very familiar with Metamask but I really want to give Brave and Brave wallet a serious try but I am butting my head trying to figure out how Brave works. I can’t find any resources that dig deep enough into how to connect 100% to any Defi platform and until then there is no way I will transfer anything to brave.

ISSUE: On some defi sites i can connect on others I can’t and I can’t figure out why the difference or if i need to do something different. Example this says connected but the app itslef never connects.

The way I connect is simply manually connect through the Wallet menu.
Brave wallet seems to evolve faster than any info/videos I can find online that covers such topic
It may seems that simple swap defi can log in while other type of Web3 won’t

Also in doer to make the connection live on those that work I need to refresh the browser in order to activate the connection

Dapps can request to connect and the panel will open up just like in MetaMask in that case. You can also connect through the panel.
Note that only one wallet can be the default. If you have an extension installed then that will take precedence. You can change that though so that Brave Wallet takes precedence by going to brave://settings/wallet and setting the default wallet to “Brave Wallet”

If you have previously used dapps with another wallet, you may want to clear your cookies for that site, it’s possible that will fix some problems on some sites.

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