Brave wallet defi connect

Is there a way to connect the brave browser wallet to a defi site straight up or through wallet connect on a site for example like to connect the coins inside brave wallet to staking pools/farms and what not ??


Yes, it is possible to connect your self-custody wallet to defi sites. You can change the default wallet through Brave Wallet settings: brave://settings/wallet

Select Brave Wallet (prefer extensions). It is best to restart the browser after making adjustments.

Here is some additional information on using Brave Wallet:

Thanks for the reply, however when I go to the wallet settings it only gives .e 2 options: automatically lock brave wallet in a selected amount of minutes, and the other networks, customization of networks, no option for what you were saying

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?

What is your Brave Version (check About Brave)?

The latest version. I don’t like how they took away the tab grouping on it.

137116 is the version

What do you mean tab grouping? How was it before?

The grid view layout

When Brave Wallet is not listed as a dedicated option, you can just select Metamask, and it’ll automatically popup Brave Wallet to connect your account. You can find the example below.

By the way, we do not support Wallet Connect at this moment, but we plan on integrating it in the future.

I don’t have the option anywhere to make brave wallet a dedication selection. Are you saying to make it a dedicated wallet within metamask then when you go thru wallet connect and pick metamask it pops up brave wallet ?

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Yes - on any dapp that doesn’t list Brave Wallet as an option, simply select Metamask and it’ll pop up Brave Wallet.