Wallet creation failed

Although a wallet does in fact seem to have been created (see screenshot with grant accepted), when I click on the Brave icon in the address bar, I am told that wallet creation has failed. Because of this, I am unable to tip websites.

Version 0.60.23 Chromium: 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

@TheSeeker Thanks for reporting. Issue is happening on upgraded profile or fresh profile?

If it’s upgraded profile issue is already reported. https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2997

Please revert back if it’s not upgraded profile.


What do you mean by upgraded profile, exactly?

@TheSeeker If you’re on older version, you can see RELAUNCH button in chrome://settings/help page to upgrade your browser version to latest version, If you click on relaunch button, browser will close and reopen with latest version, this is know as upgraded profile

If you’re already on latest version you won’t see RELAUNCH button instead you can see message as Brave is up to date.


Oh I see. In that case, I am on an upgraded profile.

@TheSeeker If that is the case, issue is already logged. Please track the issue here.


I did find this issue before creating the post. My issue seems slightly different because when I navigate to brave://rewards I can see my wallet. It’s only when clicking on the icon in the address bar that I have problems.

Below is what I see at brave://rewards

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@TheSeeker Apologies. I understood it wrongly. Can you please provide the additional details:

  1. When did you enable rewards? After upgrade or before upgrade
  2. Affter clicking on BAT logo in URL bar, are you seeing wallet creation failed message for all the site or only for few sites.
  3. When did you claim the UGP grants, before upgrade or after upgrade.


I enabled rewards before upgrade,
I’m seeing wallet creation failed on every site.
I claimed the grants after upgrade.

@TheSeeker New issue is logged. Please track the issue here.


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