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Hello, I have a problem with the brave wallet.

I made a deposit, it showed up the same day, and then the next day the deposit for the cryptocurrency I bought didn’t show up.

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Hmm. Highly unlikely that this happened. Are you sure that the one you bought is listed in visible assets ?

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It’s real, I also thought the same thing and I asked the coinbase support for help to see what happens there because the deposit was made the same day then it disappeared and it doesn’t seem to be registered in dabo, it was almost sold or some other transaction was made there

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  1. Are you saying tx shows it arrived in your Brave Wallet?

  2. Keep in mind that if nothing showing arrival to Wallet, then your issue will be with wherever you purchased or sent the crypto from.

  3. Assuming it arrived at Wallet, you need to make sure it’s something that is visible. Not all assets (crypto) immediately are shown in Wallet. For some, you have to toggle Wallet in order to have it displayed or you have to add it yourself. You can see my little FAQ on adding assets at PSA: Current FAQ - #40 by Saoiray if it might help you to double check.


Thanks Saoiray, I already have them treated with the same coinbase, I just wait for their responses, it’s that the deposit appeared but then when I entered the account it was no longer there and it seemed very strange to me, I only made the comment to see if someone has experienced the same problem and how do i deal with it

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