Wallet Assets Disappeared

In regards to this, want to make sure of two things.

  1. If you’re speaking of this, are you speaking of assets or actual networks? Essentially wanting to make sure you are aware of Visible Assets: Activating or Adding to Brave Wallet?

  2. And if indeed meant networks and they aren’t visible, have you gone into Brave’s SettingsWeb3Wallet Networks and made sure they are enabled? It would be like below:

And of course you can click to add some yourself if it doesn’t show:

Anyway, just trying to make sure info is there in case missed. In the meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for Mattches and/or Evan to check into things like your crash reports you shared over at Can't send BTC from Brave Wallet - #5 by Justagrl and to see what else they can help with.

Again, I know I may not be much help at all, but just wanted to try my best in case I might guide you along somehow toward a solution while we wait for Support to get back to you.

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