VVSS1: vivaldi suggestions for Brave devs part 1 - search query - download - bottom bar - history

Vivaldi Suggestions (VVSS): 1

I submitted such links to Edge Devs before , but same problems are available in Brave too.

My answer to 7a) You could search for %S directly and then add the search engine :\

no because there are a lot of %s alternative, i copy the same link to other mac apps too, and they use things like #TEXT# {search} @haste and a lot more.

every app should convert xxx to …
so xxx to %s

xxx to #TEXT#


plus is much faster to write xxx compared to %s.

last point: search with %s doesn’t work always

and remember

so better integration between brave-chrome-vivaldi-edge-etc. (which was previously reported)

4) i want that every mm of my browser is used for something. there is so much space here, we could add quick access buttons like reload left, reload right, save pdf, save page, open tab to the right in new window, tab to the right to a new group, launch profile 2, save to webarchive, etc… there are so many things we could add in this bar.


Use different color on download progress bar to make it easy to recognize download status in panel/button:

0% ~ 25% = Orange
25%+ = Gold
50%+ = Yellow
75%+ = Green
100% completed = Blue

EDIT: Use such colors inside the /download panel, where background color is red when failed, green when 100%, etc.