Voice searching topic again,

Will voice search be added to Brave anytime soon. From all the previous posts all I can gather it’s a privacy issue, I use a touch to talk microphone, my microphone is only connected to my computer when actually in use, bit like an intercom CB or amateur radios. This is my privacy rules, I also have the same system for my cameras, so no search engine or website can actually access my microphone or camera unless I’m actually literally pressing the button. I think this brave platform is fantastic.
Unfortunately unusable for my situation because there’s no voice search.

So before I uninstall Brave off my systems is voice search going to be added anytime soon.

I would have added my question on previous questions and posts on this topic but they’re all seem closed to new comments.

If there is no intention of adding voice search please state this. it will save people asking the same question and taking the time to download Brave, install it then go through all the settings to find out it’s not available.

Would also be very nice to have a search bar in the middle of the screen like most other popular search engines,
I can’t find any way of doing that within the settings.

What an outstanding platform Brave is. it’s just a shame it’s let down by the single most often requested feature I’ve come across on any platform.

Please keep up the good work.

@phil3 I just want to clarify. You posted this under Desktop Support but your question is about voice search under Brave Search, right?

If so, I’ll likely move it over to Brave Search categories that way the appropriate people are able to see it.

If you’re not specifically speaking of Brave Search but instead are asking about some voice search within the browser itself, I’ll hope you can perhaps explain this a bit more as I actually would have no idea what you’re referencing.


Yes my question is about voice search under Brave Search.
Please move and sorry for posting here.

I can only compare Brave Search to my usual search engine which is Google.
On the Google search bar there is a microphone one can click on enabling me to speak rather than type what I’m searching for, this is not there on Brave Search.

Correct, this hasn’t been made for Brave Search yet. Perhaps can see if @steeven might be able to get in touch with someone from the Search team and see if this is something they might be working on or could consider.

Also to see if he knows if there’s even a repository or anything, as I’m not seeing it on Brave’s Github in order to see anything about Search.

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