Voice Search 15

  1. Are you about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave?
    Yes! Voice Search.

2.Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered. You’re much more likely to get feedback from the team this way.
Voice Search is very helpful.

  • List item Whether home or driving, my phone is cradled

  • List item I’m sure many use there phones in the car hands free

  • List item I must rely on Chrome when driving. This is a bother because I am forced to be a data slut.

  • List item I utilize many smart devices in my home. I hub both Alexa and Bixby(her devices got those IR Blasters). I purge and they are set to min profile–but I just don’t trust Amazon.

  • List item With Brave Voice search I can really use it driving. All the stuffs.

Here. I believe you have some folks familiar with this browser. Maybe you can reverse engineer it?

I feel like you have no intention of adding given its GitHub entry.
Is it a personal stand on privacy?
Server expense?
It’s in there, but only accessible by entities listed in the Patriot Act?

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:Chika Dance.

Voice search is amazing functionality. Love that recommendation.
Probably out of my element here. Seems that you understand the lack of support for voice search but are genuinely inquiring. GitHub entry is great for a model but may not propel development considering limitations and scope of project?
How does Patriot Act apply here. Genuinely curious and not being /s.
Thanks @Frankguy

Oh gosh. Sorry. I should’ve given a parenthetical intended voice to:

It’s in there, but only accessible by entities listed in the Patriot Act?

It being (satirical, pendantic, smart-ar|se).

Thank you for positive feedback @stonks. I guess I give too much assumption to implementation being “not that hard” since extensions cross browser brand functionally well.