Google Voice Search Not Working and making me quit brave

I want to use the google voice search as I need resources for studying quickly rather than sitting and typing what I want to search, this should be fixed ASAP and same type of posts have been made for years to fix it and what BRAVE TEAM says is it is “privacy policy blah blah blah…”. I just want to have a better experience.

I would say that the BRAVE TEAM is just ignoring the fact that removing the Voice Search is just a very bad thing and is very frustrating. So at the end I wanna say just get it fixed ASAP otherwise I am always happy to look at ads rather than not being able to use voice search.

You should learn not to make assumptions. Also it helps if you try to search before posting, as this has already been discussed many times.

No such thing ever been said for this issue.

This is true. Github is open on it at and you’ll see co-founder and CTO Brian R Bondy recently commented on it.

Ignoring his more detailed description of what he’s seeing, I’ll just quote the last portion:

I noticed Opera also doesn’t have this support. This seems like a pretty big task to work on. This is long overdue and hopefully we can get someone working on it sooner than later. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

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