Does the brave browser not have a voice to text search app

does the brave browser not have a voice to text search app? Hard to believe, why not?

I posted this inquiry and I’ve noticed it’s greyed out and hard to find and not listed in the latest post. I hope it’s not being filtered out. I personally need voice to text because I have dyslexia. Thank you

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You may have it, you can add Extensions as in Google Chrome which gives you account of said taria, in Google Search you have that option, the topic of adding Voice to Text is a topic that can be raised for future updates to the Duck’s Programming team, for the moment try another way or explore the functionalities you may get.

The team will keep abreast of said Application since it is Totally necessary for all Users and is a simple matter to Program, Thank you for presenting your concern, could you tell me if you need this application for the General use of the Brave Browser Browser or for some pages in Specific.

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