Vimeo videos not playing

Description of the issue:

Vimeo videos appear to load, but play for less than a second before auto-stopping. Occurs with and without Brave Shields enabled. It also happens in full screen and in a window, as well as loading the video frame into its own tab or window. It also happens in with both livestream and prerecorded videos

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a Web site containing a Vimeo video
  2. Click the play button

Expected result:

Video should play normally.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Windows 7 Pro, SP2

I couldn’t reproduce your issue. I could normally watch a video on Vimeo, and an embedded one on

Just for testing purposes, try with a fresh user profile. If it turns out the fresh user profile doesn’t experience such issues, we will try to fix the issue within your current user profile.

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Evidently it’s my current profile. I was able to play a video in a fresh user profile.

Check if clearing browsing data resolves the issue. You can do that at brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

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That won’t mess up my Brave Rewards, will it?

Clearing browsing data (cookies, history, etc) shouldn’t affect Brave Rewards in any way.

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Clearing browsing data didn’t help. I even closed and reopened the browser.

I wasn’t very clear in my previous comment. Did you do the following:

brave://settings/clearBrowserDataAdvanced → Time range: All time → Check all browsing data options?

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Yes. No joy.

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All right, looks like the issue isn’t related to your profile’s browsing data. Now, that you cleared the browsing data for “Site and Shields Settings”, go to brave://settings/shields and re-adjust Brave Shields global settings, it’s a known bug that the global settings reset.

In case you are using extensions, disable them one by one until you find the problematic one.

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No extensions here.

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I’m listening for more recommendations, but I’ll have to defer any additional testing until tomorrow. I need sleep.

I’m personally running out of recommendations.

If the issue isn’t related to browsing data and/or extensions, it might be some preference you have changed, as a fresh user profile (default settings) doesn’t have such issues.

Things you could check whenever you can:

  • brave://settings/cookies only third-party cookies should be blocked.
  • Disable Safe Browsing (if you’re using it) at brave://settings/security.
  • Check what is blocked at brave://settings/content.

Good luck :wink:

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I think you should try to check your device system settings first.

Not the device system settings. If it were, the second profile I created for testing wouldn’t work, either.

Checked all three, and everything there seems to be in order.

Maybe the user profile itself has been corrupted in some way, I really don’t know what has gone wrong. It might be better to move your browsing data and stuff to your new, working user profile. Since you mentioned you’re using Brave Rewards, it would be better if someone else but me guide you through the steps to transfer your data, I’ve never used Brave Rewards myself.

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I suppose I can try setting all of the settings back to original defaults and then try changing them one by one. (Most are already at the default).

As I understand it, unfortunately Brave Rewards can’t be transferred from one profile to another, even within the same device.

I was afraid to recommend resetting settings to their defaults at brave://settings/reset because I’m not sure how/if that would affect Brave Rewards. If I had to guess though, that would probably resolve your issue.


That fixed it! And Brave Rewards were NOT affected. Thanks!!