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Description of the issue:
Hey folks,

I see a red lock on On my laptop (with Brave) I can see the connection is secure and view the certificate. However, on my mobile device, I see a red lock, and haven’t found a way to view details of the certificate. I’m not sure if it’s expired, invalid, I’m being MITM’d, etc.
How can this issue be reproduced?
Assuming I’m not being MITM’d, go to on Brave with an iPhone and see the lock is red.

Expected result:
I tap the lock and can inspect the details of the certificate, compare it with certificates from other hosts and browsers, etc.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.17 (
Mobile Device details
iPhone 11
iOS 13.5.1
Additional Information:

This is a known limitation of Safari. Please note that Brave has to use Safari on iOS. So Brave (and all other browsers) are more or less a graphical user interface.

The only way to view a website certificate in Safari (and therefor Brave) is to use a third party app like the TLS Inspector (

Understood, thank you for your response!

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