Mobile Browser SSL certificate issue

I am having issues with the brave mobile browser and my website. I am seeing the red warning next to mobile (IOS) Brave browser for my website . The certificate works perfectly fine on any other browser and from desktop as well. I have updated the Brave app on my phone already. Is there anything else i should look into to solve this? We are using a Let’s Encrypt certificate.
Any help is much appreciated.

Working fine on brave android.

Can the issue be replicated on other brave ios browser.
Download brave on other persons iphone and look up your website.

On which iOS version are you?

Must be some subresource served over http perhaps?

It’s the same result on Safari iOS, notice there’s no lock icon on Safari iSO on your website

Exactly, there’s some issues with http, maybe a wrong .htaccess configuration?

Anyway i found a workaround, solvedby installaing Really Simple SSL wp plugin.

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