Certificate not trusted ONLY on Brave iOS?

**Description of the issue: This cert shows as fine on brave desktop (windows) along with every other browser on windows. Also shows valid in iOS safari, firefox, and vivaldi.

ONLY shows invalid in Brave on iOS.

**How can this issue be reproduced?; go to office.harrisisi.com or things.harrisisi.com

**Expected result: Cert should show valid

**Brave Version: (

**Mobile Device details; iphone 13p ios 16.5

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@steeven @Mattches I’m able to replicate this. Everything shows secure and like it’s valid on Android and Desktop, but not on iOS. Any suggestions on this?


One additional data point; Our OLD wildcard cert shows as valid in Brave

For the moment that is, this one expires on the 20th. Same CA.

It looks like for some reason, our Chromium implementation sees this as valid but iOS sees this as invalid. Will have to take a look and see what we can do about it.

Safari on iOS sees it as valid, as well as firefox and vivaldi on iOS.

Our iOS team has already submitted a pull request to address this:

Fantastic, thank you.

More info; Seems a potential problem is the new cert I posted doesn’t have the server provide the intermediate cert. Most browsers will go fetch the intermediate and then show the valid full chain. SSL labs shows this as a extra download, but still ultimately valid. I’ll see what I can do about that.

Update as of this morning: As I mentioned the certs I was previously providing required an extra download to be verified. I now know what I need to do to pass SSL labs cert verification, AND I’ve verified that fixing this fixes the trust issue in Brave.

things.harrisisi.com -SSL labs now says cert on this has no errors, and works in brave.

office.harrisisi.com -SSL labs says the cert needs extra downloads, not trusted in brave, is trusted in every other browser.

As the office link was already mentioned in git as a test case I will try to leave that untouched for a couple weeks.

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