Videos won't play

Hi community, I am since shortly working with Brave Browser (Mac OS Big Sur 11.1). No videos are playing: they partly would charge, play a second or two, then stop. This is the case for Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or embedded videos. Whether the protections are activated or not on Brave, whatever the Cookies settings, it won’t help.
Does anyone have a solution? Without videos playing, I cannot work with this Browser regarding my profession.

Can’t you watch any videos on YT, Vimeo etc.? That’s weird.

Hi gmacar! No, none of them. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi. I have mac Os Mojave 10.13.4 and no problem.

I am having the same problem since I upgraded to BigSur 11.1
Videos and gifs seem to load, but won’t play. I turned off all the shields and other restrictions, but they won’t play. They play fine with all the other major browsers, tho. I’m about fed up with Brave browser because I have to disable shields on so many sites that the feature has become worse than useless.

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