Videos Won't Play on unless shields are dropped

I noticed today when trying to watch the last few episodes of a show that with shields turned on, the video will not play at all and just loads a blocked pop up in another tab. It worked alright yesterday and last night as well. Disabling the shields does resolve the issue but the page becomes a mess because of the ads which degrade performance badly to where it’s not really useable. This is occurring on version 1.43.90 on the mobile version.

EDIT: It’s also a problem on the desktop version too which is currently 1.43.89. I suspect it’s a site issue as they have been doing some stuff these past few days. On the desktop, disabling shields does resolve the issue fortunately and I use uBlock to deal with the ad issue there.

the shield blocks pop ups which in most cases I’ve noticed are videos on a page too. Like how a lot of ads have videos, I believe it is to stop those. also has this issue where when the shield is up, the video nor the episode list loads at all. It hardly matters as there’s no popups but it makes the site not work regardless.

No it doesn’t (for me). I watch anime there daily and have my shields up at all times. Mp4upload, Streamtape, Vidstream, Mycloud, and Filemoon all just worked. Just tested by going to

Only one of those that is slightly annoying is Streamtape, where if you click the huge one in the middle of the video it does nothing. You have to hit the real play button on the bottom left of the video player.

That said, I’m not sure if filters matter. On both my Android and my Windows I went to brave://adblock and checked the box to activate Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List. If you haven’t done that, try it and advise if you see any differences.

Btw, @Ziko, when it’s Shields related you should toss it over in the #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking category. I just moved it over there for you.

As for Tokuzilla, I’d say avoid the site. It’s a mess. But still, we can see if there’s anything that can be done. Usually those types of sites are hard to do much with though.

@fanboynz, is there anything to be done on I just tested it and saw issue they are talking about. Seems that site is heavy on trying to fingerprint and track. You click to watch something and it pops up a screen like below. If a person approves it, then it pops up with a different one.

I fixed it. It was because some other stuff got enable and it broke the site. It was some lists o mistapped on.

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Yep. That’s consistent with my experience.

Still looking into it, not easy to fix

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